>August 25 2002


Sunday night is always kind of tough for me. My trouble is not the mourning of a lost weekend, but of trying to get back into the five-day routine of the week. I usually have had an excess of sleep and thus am not tired at the normal bedtime. This sets off the familiar but vicious chain of staying up too late, sleeping too late Monday morning, being in a rush, missing the gym, etc.

I had a nice weekend, though I didn’t dive into the studies like I should have. I did read through most of the Microbiology notes though, so it wasn’t a total loss. We have a long day of class tomorrow. Intro to Clinical Med at 8:00 am and then two more hours in the afternoon. It is all fairly light stuff however – introduction to patient history and communication skills. The lecturer talked to us about these same things last year, and looking over my copy of last years notes for these lectures, it looks like the same old thing. We also have an hour of Micro, 2 hours of pathology including our first lab. Ugh – images of microscopic tissue samples – I thought I was through with histology! I really don’t like anything with a microscope component. We also get an hour of Genetics in the early afternoon. The first three hours of this class has not been what I imagined. We talked about birth defects and the causes – not necessarily genetic in many cases. Tomorrow though we get more into what I envisioned – Mendelian inheritance patterns and pedigrees.

I did my first set of notes Thursday night but only made $20. I gave a discount because the lecture was pretty much introductory and the notes were pretty easy. The only real job was getting the copies made and distributed of the handout the Prof gave. I got a call today from a classmate hiring me for Micro on Tuesday. I already had ICM notes that day on my regular turn, but I think I can get both sets done as it looks like ICM won’t require real rigorous notes, for a while anyways.

I’ve got to get this posted and get in bed. The gym looms at 6:00 am and I’ve just started a new audio book. I have never read any of Sue Grafton’s “alphabet novels” but am trying out “O” is For Outlaw. I have listened to the first 15 minutes, and I am really digging the raspy female narrator’s voice.


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