>January 22 2002


We are now full swing into Physiology and it promises to be my favorite first year course. Our first unit covered material that we had already studied somewhat in Biochemistry and Histology so for once I didn’t feel too far behind all of the pre-med education path students. And I was really pleased when the graphs and equations showed up! I am more the quantitative type thinker and it look like this course will have plenty of that. We took our first test today and I almost aced it, missing just two out of 28 questions. It would sure be sweet to get just one perfect exam back this year. Oh well, the quest continues.

One of the crown jewels of the University of Mississippi Medical Center is Dr. Arthur Guyton. Dr. Guyton is a world renowned physiologist who has done ground breaking research on the cardiovascular system since the 1940s. He authored the textbook we use and I understand it is the most widely used Physiology textbook in the world. He has had to get around by crutches and wheelchair since the 40s due to the effects of polio which he contracted as a surgery resident. I saw the great man wheeling around the department the other day and it was inspiring to see someone who has had such an impact in the field of medicine. He has a real interesting story. You can read more about him at http://www.umc.edu/guyton/index.html


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