>January 03 2002


I am writing this about 8 and a half hours before my comprehensive final exam in biochemistry. I have reached that saturation point where I think anything else I memorize will bump something else out. I think I have already deleted some important brain cell contents like Carl Yastrzemski’s lifetime home run total. Yep. I just looked it up on http://www.baseball-reference.com and I missed it by 9 homers. I used to know everyone with over 400 lifetime jacks, but they are starting to slip away! I did not get everything I had planned done over my holidays, and I was worried about it for the last week, but now I have reached that nice resigned feeling that it will all be over soon. I like that feeling of the stress peeling back and leaving a layer of complacency that allows you to just do what you can and let the chips fall where they may.
We have hit full blown winter here in the South. It is supposed to hit 15 degrees tonight. After leaving the library tonight about 12 hours after I got to school this morning, I trudged the half mile or so to my car in the dark and bitter cold. (Don’t laugh you Indiana and Illinois guys, and I won’t laugh when you cry about how hot it is next summer!) It sure was different then the great fall evenings when I still had a few hours of sunshine when I left school and could think about pleasant diversions like firing up my grill when I got home. I think I have that syndrome where you get depressed when you don’t get enough sunshine. I’m not sure because we haven’t covered it yet in school. That is my standard reply to everyone who asks me medical questions anyway. People hear that you are in medical school and figure you know some stuff about their uncle’s disease. They don’t realize that if it is anything more than a lysosomal storage disease covered in biochemistry, they probably know more about it than I do. My stock answer to any question is “I don’t know – we haven’t got there yet.”

Oh well, it may as well be lousy weather; I need to lock myself in the library all weekend for the histology exam on Monday which I am currently totally unprepared for.


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