>December 13 2001


First of all, I want to tell Dan that he has done a nice job on the revamping of the web site. Just one issue – the font is pretty small and its hard for my Mom to read! She is having cataract surgery during her Christmas break, and should be better able to see then, but I am sure we probably have some other older readers out there, don’t we? Speaking of my Mom, she is a long time school teacher and is my grammar checker. In fact she called me out publicly in a comment on my last post. Ma, couldn’t you just send me a private e-mail so I can edit out my mistakes quietly?

My Mom has been a great source of encouragement and support in all sorts of ways since I began to pursue medical school three years ago. Thanks Mom, I love you!

I forgot to mention that within just a couple of days of becoming a writer on this site that a classmate told me he was a reader and saw that I had come on board. I had wondered if anybody at my school would see me. Somehow it seems a little scarier when people that you know are reading your thoughts as well as strangers.

Today was a full lecture day we two hours worth of biochem, two hours of Histology and then a 3 hour lab session.. We are winding down biochemistry with only 4 lectures to go before the Christmas break and then 3 more afterward before our comprehensive final exam. We have our last regular test on Tuesday and it covers only 9 lectures plus a two-hour case study we did on the biochemistry of atherosclerosis. Our exams are weighted by the number of lecture hours covered and this is the smallest one of the year. I have been thinking that if there were ever a test that I could ace in my whole medical school career, it would probably be this one. There is just not nearly the amount of material on it as most of our tests. I am going to use that goal to motivate my studying over the weekend.

I took the night off from studying to go to a local theatre for a production of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Angie and I got free tickets from a friend who played Mrs. Cratchit ,and she did a super job. It really started to get me in the Christmas spirit. I have been so busy that Christmas has really been one of the last things on my mind.


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