>December 04 2001

>I am up late studying Biochem. We have an exam Monday covering oxidative phosphorylation, carbohydrate metabolism, and lipid metabolism. I am kind of frustrated with our note-taking service. Everybody in the service takes turns preparing notes from our lectures and getting them printed and distributed to the rest of the class. It is so time consuming to prepare detailed notes that it would be almost impossible to do your own notes for every lecture. You simply don’t have time to take good notes in class because the lecturer moves too fast. Each lecture is taped and the note taker can then listen to the tape that evening while he prepares the notes. The problem is that everyone has their own style of note-taking. Most of the professors use either PowerPoint presentations or slides to give their lecture. These usually are distributed as separate handouts. I would prefer that the note-takers consolidate the information so that reviewing the handouts would be unnecessary. Unfortunately most of my classmates don’t do that but only add any extra information that the professor talked about but didn’t put on the slide. Thus while studying you have to constantly flip back and forth from the slide to the notes. Even more aggravating is when people waste space in their notes to say, “Dr. Brown read the slide.” I KNOW he read the slide! I was there! Either repeat what was on the slide or just move on without comment! Maybe I just like to study in a different manner than most of my classmates. I just like to consolidate the material as much as possible. End of rant.

We started Histology yesterday to take the place of our completed Anatomy time slot. This is where we get to use the microscope we bought. I really like it so far. I have never had much course work where microscopes were used and I’m still in the “gee whiz this is really cool!” phase. I went the cheap route and bought a used Accuscope microscope which are cheaper than the recommended Nikon and Olympus models. It seems fine for our purposes though, and the slides I look at seem just like the images in the textbook, so I should be okay. The head of the course approves all of our microscopes anyway. We each have a lab partner and we get a set of 300 slides assigned to us to share. My partner is a girl I get along with well who was also one of my Gross Anatomy lab partners. They always break us down alphabetically so you tend to wind up working with the same people. Good in my case, but I imagine some people would like to swap up. I have kept up pretty well with the first two days of Histology but I am going to have to really get after the Biochem material in the next five days and then play catch-up as usual!


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