>November 03 2001

>I have finally figured out how to prepare myself for Gross Anatomy exams but I’m falling behind in Biochemistry! I got my Pelvis and Lower Limb exam score back this week and am pleased to report that I made a B! I have improved my grade on each exam so far with only one more to go. We will take our Head and Neck exam on November 27th and then the National Board subject exam on the 30th, and I will be through with this brutal course! The whole class is counting down the days … only 10 more lecture and lab periods.

Unfortunately as I have improved my score on all 3 Anatomy exams, not coincidentally, my Biochem grade has dropped on all of the first three tests. As I spend more time on Anatomy I cut my Biochem study time. Fortunately I started very strong in that class though and have not damaged myself too badly. I intend to crank it up for our fourth test on Wednesday. I even conned my lab partners into promising to buy me lunch if I ace the test. Highly unlikely, no one in the class has had a perfect score on any of the first three tests, but it gives me a goal to shoot for.

Special aside to Paul Bourgeois:

Mr. Bourgeois, I know I promised you I would become a die hard Rebel since I started school, but I can’t take games like tonight! I’ll go broke from buying Rolaids! (I am still counting on the cap for Christmas though!)


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