>August 19 2001

>For the first time since I graduated from Millsaps in 1989, I find myself unemployed! This was my last week at Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company. I had a great time there, made many good friends, and kept my family in groceries, clothing, and shelter for 12 plus years. And despite the fact that I’ll miss all the people, it seems incredibly liberating! If the balance sheet doesn’t match the Impromptu reports, Ann can figure it out! If AM Best needs some data on the CMO portfolio, Mr. Polk can mine for it! If Walt can’t get into his e-mail he can call Tech Services!

The last month went by fast. I took my stuff home little by little, and by the time last week got here, my office looked a little crypt-like. When Ann Blakeney started trying to move some of her stuff in, I had to draw the line. You don’t throw dirt on the guy until he’s dead, Ann! Anyway, I’ll miss my cool big desk and those great book shelves! I took a picture to remember it by:

Thanks to everybody for all of the well wishes and parting meals! Bryan Teel bought me a steak finger dinner at the Cherokee (highly recommended), my department took me out to On The Border Wednesday night (Thanks Walt!) and to lunch at Red Lobster on Friday, my last day. And to cap it off, my good friend Dottie Carlisle treated me to a night out at Chili’s Friday night with a bunch of my favorite people from the Farm. I had a great time Dot, you’re the Best! Thanks to all who came and remembered old stories with me. Ken, I’m glad we never had that race … it would have been embarrassing for me to admit that, yes, not only can 300 lb football players outrun me, but so can middle-aged actuaries! And a special thanks to Lorie Keeton who not only gave me a bag of Cinnamon Bears but thoughtfully wrapped them in a Segmented Balance Sheet! (Finally a good use for those things!)

Tomorrow is the first day of what comes next. Orientation starts at 8:00 A.M. Olson doesn’t think I can make it that early, but I will!


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