>March 02 2001

>I got the letter today.

I had pulled up to the mailbox along the curb, in the Suburban, with Angie and the kids. We were returning from a leisurely lunch at CiCi’s Pizza in Brandon where we went to get out of the house during a rainy day in a rainy week. I pulled the mail out of the box and right away noticed the bubble envelope of baseball cards I had bought on eBay. I pulled on into the driveway and before getting out thumbed through the good sized stack of mail.

Angie and I saw the return address from UMC at about the same time. I looked at her and she was staring at me wide-eyed. It HAD to be an acceptance letter, didn’t it? After all, they would be accepting candidates through mid April and then let all the poor joes who didn’t get in know then. But what if it was just a bill, or a request for more information? I tore it open and immediately read, “The Admissions Committee of the University of Mississippi Medical School of Medicine has selected you as a member of the medical school class entering in August, 2001. Congratulations …”

This was it! I felt my hands trembling and my stomach knotted as if I might need to puke the buffet pizza I had just eaten. I floated out of the vehicle as I told the girls I had gotten into med school. Leave it to Macey to burst my bubble. She wrinkled her brow and said, “I thought you already went.” She had mistaken the Hinds Community College classes of the prior year that I had taken as pre-requisites as “medical school.”

I thought of Mom first in Alamogordo, but decided to make a local call first. Dad and Beth were thrilled to hear the news and Beth was very pumped for me. I called Mom next who had thought about my application just thirty minutes earlier she claimed. She said that when she realized it was me calling that she guessed what was up. We laughed and exulted for a moment together, with Angie listening in for every word. Calls quickly followed to the Stokes, Cranes, Alison, and Mark Polk. Glenna was not home and it was an hour before I could reach her.

Even now, hours later, it still seems surreal. I have all kinds of thoughts running through my head about how my life will change and the things I need to do. Find a new church treasurer. Get out of my investment club and the responsibilities that go with it. Cancel the quarterly pest control service (too expensive).

The letter says I have 15 days to accept my acceptance. I will hand deliver my signed form and $50 deposit check on Monday. I think I will also go by the bookstore and start scooping anatomy and bio-chem books. May the adventure begin!


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